Dylan Mooney & Sam Ramsey for LORE

Dylan Mooney Sam Ramsey

First Nations artists of our many nations are a varied and vibrant community, and artists in Meanjin are an exciting group of talented mobs who frequently get together, in solidarity. Currently based in Meanjin/Brisbane, artists Dylan Mooney and Sam Ramsey are looking fabulous in LORE and Grace Lillian Lee.

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Dylan Mooney wears the Mid Open-coat: Jitta Jitta print, black ink on tangello linen, and The Boxy-shorts: Bunya Bunya print, black ink on chocolate brown cotton drill and a beautiful weave by Grace Lillian Lee.

Dylan Mooney is a Yuwi man from Mackay, Central Queensland, a Torres Strait Islander from Darnley Island and Badu Island, and an Australian-born South Sea Islander.
Mooney’s practice includes digital illustrations, drawing and printmaking, and the creation of street art, inspired by history, culture, ancestry and community stories.
Mooney’s art practice shares stories about his life as an Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander person in contemporary Australia.
His works capture the struggles First Nations people have
experienced, but he also tells a story of the resilience and survival
of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander people.

Learn more about Dylan here: @dylanmooney__ 



Sam Ramsey wears the wears The Cool-country Shirt: Jitta Jitta print, black ink on tangello linen and The Boxy-shorts: Bunya Bunya print, black ink on chocolate brown cotton drill and the same shorts.

Sam is a Mamu and Guguu-Yimithirr man from Far-North Queensland. He is an emerging artist, currently studying the Bachelor Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art through Queensland College of Art, Brisbane. Ramsey incorporates a variety of mediums in his work including pencil, acrylic and watercolour.

Learn more about Sam here:  @samuel123_ 



Grace Lillian Lee is a multicultural Australian artist known for drawing inspiration from her indigenous heritage. Through collaborations with Australian indigenous communities and their art centers she has created a platform for cultural expression and celebration by way of fashion performances. These are instrumental in engaging young people from remote communities and providing an opportunity for them to represent and be proud of their culture and country through fashion and performance.Working with these members of community inspired Grace to further her work by travelling to indigenous communities to encourage creative expression and mentor young people as well as collaborate with artists and art centers. Her aim is to guide members towards developing their art into textiles and adornment in a contemporary way while orchestrating the sharing of artistic culture between generations. This is instrumental in the preservation and celebrations of traditional techniques and creatives.

Learn more about Grace here: @gracelillianlee 

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