Miss Gertrude for LORE

Miss Gertrude for LORE
Miss Gertrude is a proud descendant of the Meriam people of the Central and Eastern Island groups of the Torres Straits Islands, born and raised on the Atherton Tablelands and at the age of 8, the family made the move to Mount Isa. 
Here she wears The Mid-open Coat: Jitta Jitta print, black ink on tangello cotton linen, and earrings in same fabric.
Having been a musician, singer and songwriter for the past decade alongside her Dad, Papa Joe, Miss Gertrude was unable to return to the stage after the sudden passing of her father. Instead, Miss Gertrude has turned inwards to find healing and reflection through the Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Art (CAIA) at Griffith University.  
Miss Gertrude has a unique perspective on life, viewing the passing of her father is an opportunity for rebirth and healing. Even though she has been painting gifts for family and friends for the past 20 years, Miss Gertrude feels that gaining a formal qualification will heal her and allow her to continue to live her life in honour of her parents, their legacy and encourage others to look within to find answers and inspiration. 
Learn more about Gertie here: @missgertrude1 
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